Touristic Activities

Walking Tour of Old Québec, World Heritage Site

Sunday June 12, 2022 - 14:30
1 day from 35$ CAD/ pers.


First a visit to the Québec Parliament and its flourishing gardens. A unique structure of architectural style inspired by the expansion of the Louvre in Paris. The tour stops onto Place d’Armes to enjoy its grandiose fountain statute. Close by, the tour continues to the Château Frontenac and its Dufferin Terrasse, a magnificent boardwalk overlooking the St. Lawrence River and offering a breathtaking view. Then is the Seminary of Québec, founded in 1663. Now occupied by the Architecture School of Laval University, this institution is a remarkable collection of buildings erected around enclosed courtyards. Following is the spectacular interior of the Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica-Cathedral. Then continuing to the Lower Town, finding ourselves in the middle of Place Royale where Samuel de Champlain founded Québec in 1608. Discover the restored houses of merchant families from the New France era. Let’s wander into cobblestone streets and historic houses and take a peek at the Royal Battery facing the river for the defense of the city. A ride in the Funicular will bring you back to the upper part of the city. Time to appreciate the St-Lawrence River’s panorama and a spectacular view of the lower town from a 45-degree angle.

2h walking tour
14:30 - Departure from the Québec City Convention Centre

Minimum required: 12 participants


Sugar Shack Dinner at La Sucrerie Blouin

Monday June 13, 2022 - 17h30
1 day from 75$ CAD/ pers.


La Sucrerie Blouin invites you to relive the good old days in a typical sugar shack. You will enjoy the traditional method of collecting maple sap and boiling it over a wood stove in an old-fashioned way. You will have a very enjoyable «Sugar Party» in a picturesque setting in the sugar bush on the shores of the St. Lawrence River.

17:30 Departure from the Québec City Convention Centre
22:00 Return at the Québec City Convention Centre

Minimum number of participants: 20


Evening at the Traditional Huron Site

Monday June 13, 2022 - 18h
1 day from 75$ CAD/ pers.


Located on the Huron-Wendat reservation, the Huron Traditional Site is a unique opportunity to discover the history, the culture and the lifestyle of Hurons of the past and of today.

« The evolutionary path of the Americas has to a certain extent historically tied our people. While visiting our recreated village and by letting yourselves be carried away by our stories, you will discover the hidden faces of the Huron way of life. We trust your stay amongst us will bring a better understanding of our evolution and culture ».  Mario Gros-Louis - Owner and founder

18:00 Departure from the Québec City Convention Centre
23:00 Return at the Québec City Convention Centre

Minimum required: 35 participants